There are plenty of factors to take into consideration when you are buying a home at any age or stage of life. When you are buying with a growing family, or planning on having children in the near future, that list of criteria grows and becomes even more important.

Here is how you can make buying a home with a growing family easier.

Explore the Neighbourhood

It’s no secret that the community you live in is just as important as the home itself, especially when you are raising children. Toronto has many family-oriented neighbourhoods to choose from. If you are interested in a specific area, then be sure to make a thorough visit to the local parks and schools, and attend a community event or two to make sure it’s a good and safe fit.

Find a Home You Can Grow Into

Buying for the future will ensure that you are happy in your home for years to come. When seeing a home, make sure that there are plenty of storage options and discuss how you can maximize the space. If you are planning on adding an addition onto the house, make sure the property bylaws allow it.

Budget for More

When you have a growing family, budgeting for a home includes more than just setting aside money for a mortgage payment and upgrades. Take into consideration things like daycare costs, private school tuition, and extracurricular activities.

Want to live in one of Toronto’s top family-friendly areas? Then North Toronto is for you. I would be happy to help you and you family find a home that fits all of your needs; get in touch with me today and we can get started.

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