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Our Buying Strategy

From the first day of the home search to the moment you move in, we believe that the process of purchasing a home is inherently exciting – and when you buy with us, we work to keep it that way at every stage of the process.

"Adam was not only extremely knowledgeable about the Toronto real estate market but also supplied us with honest and practical counsel. For the listings viewed, he assessed each one candidly and did not pressure us at any time to bid on a listing."
- Joanne Pais
The Parsons Promise

When you work with the Adam Parsons Group, you never have to worry about being passed off to an agent that you don’t know, and that doesn’t know you. We will work as a team at every stage of your buying journey, combining Adam’s expertise, the modern insight of Bianca and Sierra, and the full-time help of our support staff.

It Starts with Understanding

To us, our relationship with you is more important than a commission. We’re not here to serve our own interests; it’s always about you. We take the time to understand your needs and to find the right place, because there’s no point in pressuring anyone into a purchase. What matters is getting it right.

Finding Your North Toronto Community

Whether you are moving to North Toronto for the fantastic schools, the convenient accessibility, or the upscale amenities, who better to help you than a family of long-time locals? It’s where we play golf, perfect our tennis game, and went to school. It’s our home, and our detailed insight into what’s around every corner will make it easy for you to find your ideal community.

Our 3-Strike Rule

We apply a three-strike rule to every home we show our clients: If a home has three things wrong with it, you’ll have a hard time selling it down the road. Given the size of the investment you’ll be making in the home, it makes sense to give this serious consideration, no matter long you plan to live there.

Ensuring a High-Quality Purchase

Will the windows keep out the winter air? How much would it take to renovate the kitchen? What if the home has Kitec plumbing? You may have questions just like these as you view properties, and with experience building seven homes (and counting), we can help you answer every one of them.

While our building knowledge can’t replace a home inspection, it can provide you with qualified advice on the condition of a home and potential renovation costs to ensure you’re making a sound investment.

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Navigating Negotiations

Your new house is out there – but getting it means knowing the factors that will put your offer in front of any others. It means knowing when to walk away, and when to push. Knowing the difference between the two is where our experience pays off; after 1,000+ transactions, we’ve developed excellent relationships with other agents which helps these talks go smoothly and gets you a great price for your home.

Our 4-Step Buying Strategy

Our process includes four tried-and-true steps that work as part of a customized plan:

  • Get to Know Each Other
  • Plan the Hunt
  • Explore the Opportunities
  • Offer & Negotiate
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