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Our Selling Strategy

When you’re searching for a real estate agent to help you sell your home, what you’re really looking for is an advocate and partner. We believe that while you should always feel comfortable with your agent, you should feel just as confident that they have the experience and knowledge to get you the price you deserve.

"Money talks, and our 3% investment in the Adam Parsons Group’s suggested improvements returned a 17.25% improvement in our selling price. Having such a professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled Broker has made the process of selling a pleasure rather than a chore."
- L. Duggan
The Parsons Promise

When you choose the Adam Parsons Group, you will never be passed off to an unfamiliar agent. You’ll get our entire team on your side every step of the way, with Adam Parsons leading your sale along with Bianca, Sierra, and the rest of our support staff there to ensure no detailed is missed.

Full-Time & Fully Dedicated

The sale of your largest financial asset deserves more than part-time attention. As full-time real estate agents, our sole focus will be on your sale and your happiness. We will always be a call, email, or text away to advise you as needed.

Expertise, Decades in the Making

With our multi-generational team, you get the seasoned guidance of a 30+ year real estate leader and the support of two sales representatives who were raised in the industry. Over the years, Bianca and Sierra have naturally developed a unique insight into the market, community, and sales process that provides our sellers with a one-of-a-kind advantage.

Exclusive Neighbourhood Knowledge

Through decades of living and growing as a family in North Toronto, we don’t only understand the market – we are the market. We know the people, have attended the schools, and are regulars at the local golf and tennis clubs. This locals-only perspective gives us an innate understanding of the housing inventory, and gives you an established network of potential buyers for your home.

Big Picture Marketing

Marketing your house means marketing the bigger story. Prospective buyers are looking at more than just the house itself; they’re looking at the schools, the accessibility, and the amenities, all of which we know like the backs of our hands.

We invest in value-driven marketing, which includes staging, photography, videography, print materials, custom signage, and digital advertising. By leveraging traditional and modern marketing tools, we can garner maximum exposure for your property.

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Relationships Matter.

By working with integrity and professionalism, we’ve built trusted relationships with many other real estate agents, and those relationships regularly open doors for our sellers. Our peers know that we provide top-quality service, and in turn, they bring top-quality buyers to the negotiation table, where we can have productive, respectful discussions and create a win-win outcome for everyone.

Our 4-Step Selling Strategy

Our process includes four tried-and-true steps that work as part of a customized plan:

  1. Get to Know Each Other
  2. Repair, Upgrade, and Stage
  3. Market & Promote
  4. Listen & Negotiate
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