When it comes to selling, every homeowner wants to know how to have a quick and profitable experience. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is by enlisting the help of a professional stager. The truth is, staging sells. Many prospective sellers might scoff at the fact, but it’s just that: a fact. I’ve seen the benefits of staging firsthand; there’s nothing better than a happy client when they realize how great of a difference it made in the long run.

You can see for yourself: just look at these before and after pictures of one of the properties we’ve staged. With that kind of transformation, who could ever argue against it?



If you’re not quite convinced yet, here are a few more ways that staging will benefit you:

Your Home Will Look Bigger

A vacant home doesn’t always work in a seller’s favour; don’t confuse ‘empty’ for ‘spacious’. Vacant rooms actually look smaller than professionally staged ones. Properly placed furniture in carefully laid out arrangements provide a proper pathway through the room. Stagers know exactly how to match the room’s size to perfectly proportioned furniture.

You’ll Make a Good First Impression

Clutter, noisy colours, and personal family memorabilia can throw a prospective buyer off, and distract them from the home’s selling features. Remember: first impressions are everything. Even if you have a perfectly landscaped front yard, it gets thrown out the window if an unimpressive home is on the other side of the door.

Buyers Will Picture Themselves There

When a prospective buyer walks through the doors of an empty home, they’ll most likely find it difficult to imagine themselves and their furniture there. Staged rooms offer reference points for buyers to imagine how their own furniture would look and fit in the same arrangements.

Your Home Will Be Easier to Market

Staged homes have the marketing advantage. Simply put: they just look better. They have that move in ready feel and–best of all–will sell faster. Many buyers will determine what houses they see by the pictures they see online and in print. A better-looking home means more traffic and a sooner closing date.

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