When you’re buying a new house, you’re also buying a lifestyle. That’s why so many families and professionals choose to live in one of Toronto’s highly sought-after, established communities.

Although the thought of living in an up-and-coming neighbourhood may be tempting, it just can’t offer the same perks that an already-established community can.

So why should you live in an already-established neighbourhood? Here’s why I’m sold on them:

1. The Homes Have Authentic Character

These neighbourhoods are filled with character-rich houses, each with their own history. Victorians, Tudors, and Cottage-style homes sit on tree-lined streets, with interiors that are just as charming as their exteriors. Many houses have the crown molding, hardwood floors, and stained glass windows that only mature neighbourhoods can offer. If you’re more of a condo-dweller, you won’t miss out; most Toronto communities have an abundance of modern condominiums, too.

2. The Schools Have Strong Reputations

Many families will buy a house solely based on the school district that it falls in. And in Toronto, the boundaries are strict – your house number can dictate a different district than your next-door neighbour. Toronto’s established neighbourhoods have highly reputable schools where your child will receive a quality education in a fantastic community.

3.You Get That Small-Town Feeling

Well-established neighbourhoods have tight knit communities that can almost make you forget you’re in the city. Residential streets create an intimate, family-friendly atmosphere, and because of the highly regarded schools, there are plenty of children in the area. Residents get to know each other well from school functions, community events, and spending time at the local private club.

4. You’re Close To Nature

Many of Toronto’s most established neighbourhoods are just shy of the downtown core, where the roads transform from bustling cityscapes to green, tree-lined streets. Parks and ravines commonly cut through these residential areas, offering a refreshing environment for a morning jog or evening stroll.

5. No Developments, No Problems

One of the most important perks of living in an already-established neighbourhood is just that: it’s already established. Unlike living in a neighbourhood-in-progress, these communities are far past the developmental stages. There’s no noise pollution or construction blocks, just more opportunities to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

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