Usually, one of the first questions that pop into a seller’s mind when they decide to list their home is, “What can my profit be?” Naturally, every seller wants to sell their home quickly and for top dollar. That’s understandable, but there’s plenty to do before you get to that point and a lot of questions that will pop up along the way.

Here are five questions every seller should ask before they sell:

1. What’s the market like?

Is it a buyer’s market, or a seller’s? The market is constantly fluctuating, and there truly are some better times during the year to sell your home. We’ll assess your property, needs, and timeline to sell your home at the right time while the market is hot.

2. What’s my home worth?

Pricing a home the right way from the beginning is incredibly important. You never want to overprice your home for fear of driving away prospective buyers. Undersell, and you may not meet the goal you imagined. With my help, we can price your home competitively and fairly, making sure you come out on top of the sale.

3. How can I prepare my property?

There are plenty of things you can do to prepare your home for a successful sale. Improve curb appeal by trimming shrubs and trees, plant a few flowers if the season allows, and give the front door a dash of colour. Other simple tasks, like maintaining a clean environment, decluttering, and ridding your home of any uninviting smells can all help prepare your home for an easy sell.

4. Should I stage?

The next step of preparation is to stage your home professionally. This can make your home appear larger, more modern, and easier to market. A staged home also allows the buyer to freely imagine their own furniture and belongings in the staging furniture’s place, which means an offer isn’t far away.

5. Is the buyer ready?

Once a buyer is interested in your property and makes an offer, it’s important to assess their position and ensure that they are financially prepared and trusted to follow through with the purchase. We will go over every document and piece of paperwork to validate their readiness and close the deal with ease.

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