Every neighbourhood has its features. In my experience as a broker who specializes in North Toronto real estate, I’ve become pretty adept at matching buyers to those features. I advise my clients that what goes on in the “hood” should be as important to them as the houses they consider. It plays to lifestyle and long-term buyer satisfaction. They usually see the sense in the suggestion, and enjoy discovering area features as a part of the house-hunting process.

The Toronto Cricket Club is one of the most impossible to miss examples of this. First of all, the surrounding neighbourhood is locally referred to as “the Cricket Club.” Secondly, its architectural presence is significant. While not all the locals are members, buying a house here at least partly means buying into the allure of the club.

As the end of the school year approaches, families here quickly learn that one of the benefits of the Toronto Cricket Club is their terrific summer programming for children.

You can get more information about the what the club offers right here, but I’d like to share with you 3 ways that kids across the city benefit from local day camps, like the one at the Toronto Cricket Club:


Kids in programs make friends. It’s as simple as that. If you look at the programs offered through private clubs like the Toronto Cricket Club, or through City of Toronto facilitators, there’s a huge variety of activities to appeal to a wide range of interests. They are usually planned to include a variety of changing activities each day and throughout the slotted period to enable your children to quickly learn the routines while staying interested and engaged. They’ll be active throughout the day, and in the company of a gang of kids with whom they often form lasting bonds of friendship.


It probably goes without saying, but the more you punctuate a childhood with fun, the better the memories will be. To me, that means investing in alternatives to sameness. City summer camps, like the ones offered at the Toronto Cricket Club, create experiences of adventure and fun that are anchored in a sense of “home.” Kids who have fun in their neighbourhoods collect happy memories and learn to love where they’re from.


As much fun as the freedom of summer brings to kids, the break from school can create stress for parents. It’s the old “What are we going to do with them today?” conundrum. Sure, the drop-off and pick-up times might be a little more challenging to your schedule, but with the entertainment and adventure factor so much more ramped up than at school your kids will be full of stories and facts that’ll feed dinner conversations that keep going until bedtime. It’s hard to argue with a lasting smile.

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