Here’s a real estate industry veteran’s view on discount brokerages.

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Today I want to discuss discount brokers and why I think they aren’t worth the savings that they promise you.

The market is really busy right now, and most of the properties in our neighborhood are probably selling with multiple offers. If you’re a homeowner, you might think that you can just put your home on the market, price it anywhere, and buyers will be lined up. That’s not the case. You can’t just put your home on the market and hope that buyers will line up. You still need to go through the processes to make it look professional so that it appeals to the most buyers.

In the selling process, discount brokers usually exclude home preparation, cleaning, and staging support. They also don’t include professional photography, videography, and floor plans. Their marketing is usually limited to simply putting the home on the MLS and putting a sign in the front lawn. These discount brokerages focus on volume because they’re not charging a lot. You won’t get the client experience that you would get from a full-service brokerage.


You won’t get the client experience that you would get from a full-service brokerage.


When buyers visit, they’ll notice that the home hasn’t been properly prepared or maintained, and they’ll start wondering whether the house is right for their family or not. A lot of the time, they just walk away. We give our sellers the best advice and apply fresh paint, stage, declutter, and make the home feel appealing and inviting to as many people as possible.

At a discount brokerage, you’ll likely be working with a junior agent who’s not great at negotiating on your behalf. I’ve been in this business for over 30 years and have successfully negotiated over a thousand contracts. I would like to have somebody like that negotiating my contract.

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