For those of you who have yet to engage The Parsons Team for your next real estate decision, look no further.  Adam and Sierra are true professionals in the field.  They have impeccable knowledge of the market and market timing.  They guided us step by step through the staging, pricing and marketing process.  Their approach is informed and commensurate with true hands on, boots on the ground, experience.  Attention to detail, negotiation, and relationship management with every stakeholder associated with the sale of my home was unsurpassed in my view.  I am not an easy person to deal with and the Parsons Team showed understanding, resolve and grit to get a price exactly as I had hoped and a buyer I wanted to sell to.  I would recommend Adam and Sierra to friends and family.  If you are undecided and would like to discuss their credentials, I will always avail myself to be a referral for the Parsons team.